Town of Cambria

Debra A. Littere, Assessor

2017 Revaluation

2017 Assessment Equity Project                                                                                

Beginning March 15, 2017, the Assessment Disclosure Notices were mailed to all property owners in the town.   The goal of this project is to create fair and equitable property assessments so that each property owner is apportioned its fair share of the property tax levy.  Informational workshops will be offered in late March.  Instructions will be included with each notice indicating the procedure for registering for the workshops, and requesting informal reviews.  

  • Forms to submit for Informal Assessment Review

                                     Residential Review Application

                                     Commercial Review Application

                                     Vacant Land Review Application   

  • Sales and Assessment information click on links below
                                    Commercial Inventory and Valid Sales
                                    Residential Inventory and Valid Sales
                                    Residential Valid Sales
                                    Streets Within Neighborhoods
                                    Vacant Land Inventory and Valid Sales
                                    Residential Sales with Photos